Vocabulary + Phrases

Nejprve se mrkněte na užitečná slovíčka a jejich definice.


Teď si pročtěte si tyto fráze a přemýšlejte, v jaké situaci se dají použít:

Useful English Phrases
at the Airport

1) Buying a ticket
I'd like to reserve two seats to New York.
Will that be one way or round trip?
How much is a round trip ticket?
It's $819. Will you pay by check or by credit card?
Here's my Visa Card. Can we get an aisle seat please?
You can choose your seat when you check in.

2) Checking In
Can I see your ticket and passport, please?
Here they are. Can we get one seat near the aisle?
Yes, that's no problem. You're in seats 27B and 27C.
Thanks. Where do we go next?
Go to Gate A8, straight ahead then turn left.

3) On the Airplane
Would you like something to drink?
Could I have Coke with no ice?
Here you are. Please fill out this form before the plane lands.
What is this form for?
It's a Customs and Immigration form. You will use that in the airport before you can enter the country.

4) The Arrival
Thank you for flying East West Airlines!
I had a good trip. Thanks for your help.
It was our pleasure and we hope to see you again.

5) Getting through Customs
Do you have anything to declare?
I just have one bottle of wine. It's a gift for my friend.
How much wine is in the bottle?
It contains 750ml.
That's fine. Have a nice stay.

6) Getting your luggage
At which carrousel will our luggage be?
At number 5, over there.
Great! I'll get a cart right away.
Be sure you have your luggage ticket.
Yes, it's right here attached to my plane ticket.

7) Going through Immigration
What's in the small bag?
I have a laptop computer and some books.
Could you open it please and turn on your computer.
Sure. It will take a few moments to boot up.
Okay, everything seems okay. You can go.

8) Get out!
Excuse me, where can I get a taxi?
Go down to the end of the hall and the taxis are waiting just outside.
Thank you!




A teď si vyzkoušíme malé konverzační cvičení:

(zkuste s parťákem)

Chcete objednat letenku do Londýna
Zeptejte se, kde je WC.
Zjistěte, zda se dá na letišti pronajmout auto
Zeptejte se, kde je odbavovací brána letu do Seatlu
Zeptejte se, jak dlouhé bude zpoždění letadla do New Yorku