Občas se nám stane něco, za co se potřebujeme omluvit.

Jak na to?


Projděte si nejprve základní výrazy i s výslovností:

Dokončete větu:


Užitečné výrazy:

  • I (really) must apologize
  • I hope you can forgive me (one day)
  • I’d like to apologize
  • I accept (full) responsibility
  • I am/feel (so) ashamed
  • I can understand how you feel (about…)
  • I do apologize
  • I take (all) the blame
  • Please accept my/our apologies
  • Please excuse my behaviour/thoughtlessness/…
  • (I now realise that/I know) I shouldn’t have done that
  • (I’m sure) you must be (very) disappointed in me
  • (Please) don’t be mad (at me)/don’t kill me
  • I accept that I am to blame/that it’s my fault
  • I am sorry to have disappointed you
  • I apologize wholeheartedly/unreservedly
  • I cannot say/express how sorry I am
  • I have reflected on my actions and…
  • I know it was wrong (of me) (to…)
  • It was (a bit) insensitive of me (to…)
  • Please accept my sincere/sincerest apologies
  • There is (really/absolutely) no excuse for my actions/behaviour/inaction/laziness
  • You are right to blame me
  • (I know) I have let myself/you (all) down (by…)
  • (I know) it was thoughtless (of me)
  • I don’t know what got into me
  • I just want the ground to swallow me up
  • I think I went a bit too far
  • I would like to express my regret
  • I’m happy to take (my share of) the blame
  • If I could take it all back, I would
  • It was inexcusable
  • It’s unforgivable, I know
  • Please don’t hold a grudge/don’t hold this against me

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