Meetings - speaking


V této lekci se podíváme na konkrétní  situace, které mohou nastat při setkání s kolegou nebo jednání s obchodním partnerem. Nejprve si otevřete tento odkaz. a zkuste v daných situacích zareagovat vhodněji.

Příklady správných (slušnějších) reakcí naleznete na konci této stránky.

A teď vyzkoušejte svou schopnost reagovat v těchto situacích:


You are the sales manager at a meeting with an important client. The negotiation for a valuable new contract is going very well but then you spill coffee on the client’s white shirt. What can you say to apologise and to make amends?


You are a guest at a dinner with a VIP client. The restaurant is noisy and smoky and you think the food and service are awful. You want to get out of the place as quickly as possible. How can you politely excuse yourself?


You see your colleague in the canteen. You’ve heard he/she applied for a better job, but didn’t get it. How can you diplomatically ask what happened?

Vhodné reakce (komiks)

a I know a lot of people like (sushi), but I’m afraid it’s not my favourite. Would it be possible for me to order something else? / I’m sure this is delicious, but I don’t usually eat (squid). Do you mind if I have something else?/If you don’t mind, I’d like to order something else.

b Excuse me, but I believe this is/this seems to be a no- smoking area. / Would you mind putting out your cigarette? This restaurant has a no-smoking policy.

c I know we’ve met before, so would you mind telling me your name again? / I’m sure we’ve met before, but could you remind me of your name?

d Would you excuse me? There’s someone over there I’d like to talk to. / I’m really/very sorry, but I’ve just seen someone I need to talk to. Would you excuse me?

e I’m terribly/awfully sorry but I’m afraid/unfortunately I’m extremely tired after (the journey here). / I really appreciate/Thanks so much for the invitation, but I’m really tired from (the flight). / It’s very kind of you to invite me, but I think I’d be too tired to enjoy (the performance). It was a very long flight.

f I understand you are no longer with the company. / Am I right in thinking that you’ve moved on from your previous job?